Team Freedom

Supporting Masonic Troops and their families through the dual support of the MTSP and MMSF.



  In 2008, the Masonic Troop Support Program merged with the Masonic Military Support Fund under the name of Team Freedom-MTSP and Team Freedom-MMSF.  MMSF supports the families of Miliatry personnel at home.  The packages for Masonic Troops fromat has not changed but Team Freedom has enriched the quality of its military support program by giving out free military meals.

The aim of the MMSF is to say "Thank You" to the families of mobilized military who may live outside the support radius of a military base or post, by assisting in the support they lack.  MMSF will assist Military Family Support Centers with an expanded network of support services, and link them to individual Masons wo are best equipped to respond effectively in emergency aid for family members of deployed service personnel.

As we gather information on Military Masons ro Military Personnel with a Masonic connection to send packages to MMSF will contact their family at home to let them know we are here to help.



Past Grand Master of Massachusetts Freemasons Most Worshipful Jeffrey Black Hodgdon after receiving the MTSP lapel pin from Team Freedom member Wor. Jack Sutton at the Grand Master's Fair.





Currently on our Team Freedom web site, we have  a Photo Page with a collage of family photos for all to share.  Our  Forum Page gives family and Brothers an opportunity to post messages, request and appreciations to the many people contributing to our efforts.  Our web site lists our founding members.  There is a Chat Page setup for family sharing. Uploading a picture is easy: just click the Submit Photo link and send it.  We will gladly post all family-friendly photos submitted.  Please visit our web site often  in the coming months as we achieve our goals.


Thank you,

Team Freedom 

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